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Bon appetit!

Hello! I like to swim and to feed small fishes.I have an aquarium.I throw there grain,fennel and spiders.It was presented to me by daddy and the grandmother,on the birthday.Long time i wasn’t looking after him and the fish has died.The dipression has begun at me.I wanted that the tank has moved on me,but later the mood has changed,also i has bought a lap dog.But she angered me and a has fed her and has sold on e-bay.Today i have excellent mood and a wish to get a birdy.

When I was  (A)little boy i liked to play with cows.Goats butted them and i butted goats,and then i laid long time in the hospital.My toy was an old door from a tractor,because my toys have been nailed to a floor.In the childhood i wanted to be eaten by a whale,to live at his  stomach.I have decided to look for a whale,i have glanced in a garbage tank in the street,but i have found there a strange  man which  have told to me – ‘’I wish to eat!” I was small and silly.At school i studied well, because i have presented to the principal a pencil and an elastic band.She have accepted these gifts as the help and have put me  two for the behaviour.Probably because i have not presented (2)her - a sharpener.For (t)new year i have decided to present to the grandmother a new teeth.I have taken a brick and have beaten out to myself two forward teeth.I have put them in a box and have put under a fur-tree.What happiness for the morning was! In the childhood i went in for sports.Karate, judo, but my liked kind of sports was - to sleep.

Sometimes there was no money and i have decided to earn.I have taken a shovel and have started to drip to find oil or a chest with gold.I have dug old  underpants, and then two days have been punished,because i dripped on a bed,where the daddy grew up cucumbers.The daddy always worked to support family,mum built a cosiness in the house.In the childhood i was afraid of reductions,therefore i slept with a bucket on a head.I liked to go to school.In a school toilet someone constantly broke a toilet bowl Accused constantly – me.The administration of (ta) school gave me a screw wrench, and i went to repair them. After my repair… all of us - floated.In what - i shall not speak.I have left school with the diploma - the disgusting pupil.At university i have not acted, because someone has broken a toilet bowl there,and the administration has given me a screw wrench.I has gone to repair.I close a gate of the truth of my life.I wish to help people! To create goods! In the childhood I prayed to the God and now I pray.I have matured a little and have understood that it would be time to start to work and  2 earn money.

Thenks mather for my life and sori for my inglish.

Here a little bit information about me.Thanks for attention!