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I believe in God and in steel Arnie, but Arnie tricked me and the machines did not come to power. Reptilians came to power, and pharmaceutical companies are creating bio-weapons. Yesterday I decided to add some MDMA tablets to my porridge, but I forgot the stash where I hide them. Suddenly I felt some moisture in my underpants and went to the toilet to see what it could be. It turns out, that I forgot to pull out Tampax tampons, I stuck them into my colon, so that colored pencils doesn't accidentally wont get in my back hole. Sometimes I wake up at night and walk around the house like a sleepwalker, take two colored pencils and eat jam with them like Chinese chopsticks. In the toilet I have a book “Anal drillers”, which was written by Einstein and I remembered, that I stick tea bags containing MDMA tablets to the sheets of this book with out no distractions. I still decided not to sponsor dirty Gypsy dealers and switch to natural substances. Yesterday I smoked dried manure, just made a joint out of it and smoked it. Imagine, that you are squat in the bushes to take a shit and germs are hanging around and voila - you have contracted gonorrhea. Me and I, in general, never and absolutely do not sit on the toilet in public toilets. I always carry my soft and leather toilet seat in an IKEA bag and if I need to poop in a public toilet I attach it to the toilet. And in stores? What, no germs? I was walking through the store and saw, that some old cunt was pawing with her dirty hands sweet cheeses. Take one, look and put it back on the shelf , take another, rub it with her dirty hands and put it in the basket. This is where the Corona Virus originated, not from a Chinese bazaar. Plus the fucking marketing worked too - If you take three, you get one for free. There are many theories about coronavirus and its creation, here are just a few of them: the United States Government, Bill Gates, 5G Internet, the Chinese Government, the Canadian Government, the October 2019 meteorite explosion, Chinese woman and bat soup, Corona Beer. Please don't touch old Bill. He suffered enough, when he accidentally left a flash drive with the Windows 95 source code on the table in McDonalds and some bum, who found this flash drive created Windows 10 on it's base. The virus mows down the health of people , today I was walking around the city and saw a victim of infection with the virus.

Have you noticed that in Europe, things are very fucked up with medicine and medicines? Italian pharmacy: "No. Must not. I understand that you have a toothache. But all only through the recipe. Yes, even dental drops. Go to your doctor and get a prescription." Creepy bureaucracy. The population is 60 million, sick - 17 thousand. Vietnamese pharmacy: "Does it hurt?" Take this. Good, Yes. And take this. An excellent analog. And take this. Better than the first two. Well, you never know, maybe the first ones won't help. Yes, do not worry - your entire package of medicines for 5 dollars just pulled." A population of 100 million . There are less than a hundred cases. Europeans are not trained bitches. All the values of Europe are in the behemoth's ass, in connection with the epidemic - all borders, airports are closed, and most importantly, no one inside the Union helps anyone. There, only Russia sent transport planes with medicines and equipment to help Italy. Meanwhile, some moron from a German newspaper wrote, that these are military aircraft and Italy, as a member of NATO, had no right to host them. Are you fucking serious? THESE ARE TRANSPORT PLANES. In general, the most vulnerable to the virus are the elderly, it is difficult to keep track of them: either they will slash someone, then, they will summon the devil, otherwise they will be abducted by aliens - you will not find them later in the day with fire. Of course, the best option is to completely isolate them from any contacts with the outside world in order to exclude the possibility of virus infection, close them in a wooden shed, give matches and a can of gasoline, and then go to play Skyrim on the PlayStation console with a clear conscience. This is what Prince Charles wanted to do with his mother, but she outplayed him and won a strip poker game with Angela Merkel. Did you see his fingernails? Did you see his hellish grin? Look at these claws (yes, yes, these are his claws) and at his sly grin!!! He's just waiting to usurp the throne and force people to buy air in IKEA bags. I have nothing against Prince Charles, bow to his feet, but fuck! Let him sit in the castle, play the Farmer Simulator on the Xbox and not spread parasites (if you didn't know, he has an itch in his anus and his heel has a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius).Of course, the Corona Virus is a new challenge for all of humanity, a test of endurance. As mentioned earlier, the virus did not originate from monkeys or fish, which are kickin by hucksters from the Shao Lin monastery. The virus has a synthetic origin, that is, it was created under artificial conditions by a humanoid or an vile midget, which was angry at the whole World, because Pamela Anderson did not give it to him. This version was told to me yesterday by my grandfather, who works as a cook on a atomic icebreaker.

In general, the situation is difficult, meanwhile, brokers masturbate on oil quotes at the Wall Street financial market. By the way, this does not have to be done in public, you can enter Pornhub at home in a quiet environment and do all the necessary things. By the way, Internet porn providers have opened a free view of premium content in connection with the Corona Virus, oh yes, I forgot to add - for all victims. Did you notice that when all the trouble with the virus started in China, everyone was laughing. And now, when the virus has declined in China - in Europe people from the virus fall like mowed logs, right on the street and it's not funny anymore. Look at the happy face of the lottery winner, arranged by a network of funeral homes in the state of Nevada. The tears in eyes are sincere, after all 1250 dollars in hands, that relatives would have to pay for the cremation of the body. And so, everything will be covered by the won certificate. Anyway, viruses are somehow not original. Could lubricate all the rubber dicks in sex shops with the urine of a rabid monkey and sell them to various bitches. The foregoing is one of the conspiracy theory, do not to take things personally. In these current difficult conditions, even those, who use drugs are suffer 2 - there are not enough syringes. In connection with the virus, syringes must be stocked in large quantities in the stash to make the best possible use of them when a heroin withdrawal dancing with the moon, probably soon there will be a shortage of these products. You can look at three things for a long time: how quarantine is transferred, how US foreign debt grows, and fresh Arab macabre. I advise you to get the drawings of the New Ark that your grandfathers designed and start building it. Save yourself in prayer, can a flying comet be a sign? Apply Kaizen, and walk in respirator. Write fresh comments about how you are going through the quarantine and don't get sick muthaphuckkas.

Thank you for attention, follow up the news!

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