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Cold season

I have worked for the past three days, without respite forces. New batch of goods has came to the warehouse. In the container were a lot of frozen products, I kept a record of the shipment. I am not a storekeeper, because I work in the company which supplies customers with frozen fish and products. To be honest I don't know what that fish is for, but I suppose that it eatable. Generally the company sells all that can be frozen. I have opened one crate with goods and saw - frozen teddy bear, bush legs, automotive parts, construction helmets and fish. As I understand this is for Eskimos only. I was running for 3 days around with a club and chasing curious people off, who tried to get into the container. I did this, so that they won't turn into frozen idiots. Have you noticed that it is very very interesting story?

Who knows how to clean up a bit of money? I mean - money laundering. There is information that the Chinese make such deals, but I'm not Chinese, and so I won't do it. There is information that money schemers keep their money at the North Pole,
the cash stash is guarded by an angry walrus, but this is only a hypothesis. Actually, the money should be stored in drawers or under the pillow, also the money can be frozen and put into the container - angry walrus will keep watch them there.
Personally, I never hide my money, you know why? Because I  don't have them! Of course I had some money, but I have spend them in a store, when I bought donuts. Honestly, I don't like donuts, I buy them to receive dividends. I don't know how from donuts receive dividends, but this is a good system.
Just now I have got a call on Skype, some unknown person turned on web Cam and began to wriggle, I got scared. When he frowned his face, he looked like a psycho, who loves to rape donuts. By the way Skype is created by Estonians, which stole this idea from me.

Long time ago, when I was screaming at the monitor (I love it), I had an idea that I could see and hear any other person from any other computer. Thus was born the idea to create Skype. Anyone else noticed that it's already cold? Yes, it is the winter season already. Sometimes I stick my fingers in my socks and warm my hands. It will be bad if I will stick my fingers in someone's else's socks, this will definatly be a scandal! Again we have not discussed the exciting news such as: economy and domestic quarrels. Don't worry, we will still have time to discuss it. What about Nelson Mandela? Yes he died, these are tragic news. After all there are some good politicians in Africa! By the way, anyone knows their names?

Okay dear ladies and gentlemen, perhaps I will take a couple of days away from the bustle.
P.S. If anyone has a useless oil rig - mail me.
Thank you for attention! Follow up the news!

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