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Ones again Nobel Prize was given to some idiots. In my opinion awarding committee has shitted their pants and right after that incident the weather guy told that winter will be extremely cold. The prize in economics was awarded for the theory of contracts. In my opinion Nobel Prize in economics should be given to an old man who counted the number of teeth in his mouth and compared them with the number of gorillas teeth. All respectable people already know what is economics - 2+2=Potato. The economy is simple - buy a jar of milk, pour a little in your mouth and rinse it. after these cunning action spit the milk back into the jar, shake it and carry the jar back to the store. After that in the store, you should say that there were parrots feathers in your milk and they already stick out from your ass. Immediately demand money for treatment, or threaten that drunken bears will come and go ape shit on their store. That is the economic relationship between people. As you understand dear readers that this is complete idiocy, but this method has a right to life.

The cold times has begun it's time to set the fires on. I have no firewood, but there are a lot of sheep's wool. I get a lot of wool, which I burn in the chimney. At night, I climb into the sheep barn of a neighbors, (where the sheep live) and I shave them with a  Gillette Mac 3 razor. So I get the wool, that I put inside the chimney. If its getting to hot in the house, I pee on the chimney and after this ritual the steam appears, which envelopes the whole neighborhood. This fumes affect people like marijuana does and people walk around high. Don't think I'm not crazy, just always have to add more spiciness to the gray days. By the way - according to statistics every 30 seconds on the Earth one person is going crazy. According to this, while you are reading this article - someone is already standing naked on the roof and whistling to the sky, so that Quik the Bunny shall descent from the sky and share a cacao.

Recently got acquainted with the secret documents and realized that hurricanes are created by scientists in the laboratory. Example: the hurricane Ivan the Terrible created in the secret laboratory. The hurricane is created in a following way - reeking, high on pot, bearded biker picks up a cup and blows into it. This way a little hurricane is being born inside. Later the cup is being placed in the bag and thrown away to the landfill. Hurricane grows in size in the landfill and later on bums chased down it into the ocean. The mother-nature is very kind to man, and all natural disasters are created by people themselves. It is incredible and classified information, but someone's got to cover the events. Many things created in America.

Of course I can not ignore the elections in America. The elections were won by Donald trump - "hand of the Kremlin". Why is he called like that? After all, it's not true! President Putin doesn't wear a wig and is not a member of wig wearer's club. Of course it is not fashionable to discuss Trump's hair, but there is something wrong on top of his head. I would say that he has some tropical jungles on his head. But in my opinion he will be an excellent president, because he knows how to ride a Segway and how to not to fall away like it did Bush junior. People gossip that Hillary got a job in Burger King  and will work in the Trump's administration. She will lead potato and sausages quality. Oh well, the time will come and we will talk more about this topic. Hey party people by the way - don't be afraid to donate money on this website, there is no nothing to worry. All the money will go to the development of happiness! Also, subscribe to the RSS feed and find out about important events first!

P.S Soon, the site will resume selling unique things, only first I have to find them :D.

Thank you, follow up the news!

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