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Crazy Time

So the New Year has come, it's time to clean your self and to feed the chicken. That should be done in order, so he could be fat and fly south. The point is that, when a chicken becomes a cock - he starts to stink terribly. Then, you have to buy him Nivea deodorant for men, also hungry wolves hunt on cocks. These fierce forest creatures are very dangerous, even the local Sheriff shits his pants when he sees these animals. But actually this are not wolves, but rather pranksters from a local drama theatre. Those inbreds put Helloween costumes on, do weird shit and scare locals. Once, when those lazy fucks were doing shit again, someone called the fire truck. The fire truck arrived, turned on the hose and a powerful pressure of the water knocked them into the river. And since then it became much calmer in the neighborhood, nobody saw them actors anymore. By the way New Year I celebrated very well. I sat at the table two mannequins, a teddy bear and invited the local janitor to my house. We were eating cones, chewing Hubba Bubba and snorting protein powder, to make muscles grow faster. Later, we went outside to start the fireworks and we saw a crow, which was laying on the ground. Janitor put it on a shovel and threw it into a trashcan, we were very frightened and went back into the house. To be honest, the fact of the matter is that - the New Year was so long ago that I hardly remember anything about that. I hope that this new year will be very successful and I hope I won't become swollen as last year. At those hard times I even was putting on adult diapers, to not to shit my bed. To be honest, this story was told me by a janitor, which I decided to keep as a secret and it was like it happened to me.

Just yesterday I got another fine for car parking. The fact is that - I didn't properly  parked the car. It wasn't my fault, because I had a lot of vodka and really high on crack at the same time. That day I actually was not driving the car, I rode in a cart, pulled by horses. Most importantly, a car parking fine was issued on the car. Now I'm receiving threats by e-mail and they say, that I won't be able to escape justice. To be honest, I heard about justice only from N.W.A. songs, but thats even not the case. The thing is that - there is a black man is hiding from justice in my closet. This dude offers me to become his lover, but I'm not a gay. I want him to come out of my closet, eat some cones and get out off my house. By the way, the beauty has a name - Abdullah ibn Pushkin. Did you heard something about chocolate rabbits? There are in police wanted list for stilling chocolate eggs from the store. I'm eating cones and wondering about different stuff, that I can find
on the Earth!. There are gypsies that harass you on the street and sell Gucci clothes. They are very pesky and stubborn, why this fashion house supplies them with clothes? I'm so high, that I can afford to buy a lot of brand clothes in a Second Hand shop.

Let's talk about good things. Not long ago there was a phone conversation between Trump and Putin and I noticed that Trump's translator was Dr.Alban. The topic of conversation was: the traffic of drugs from Colombia, picking up cones and the salvation of Europe. President Putin claimed that Europe is a prostitute of America, Trump was not afraid and supported him. In fact, the problem of global warming is complete bullshit. The topic of the protection of sexual minorities is also utter bullshit. There are more important topics for discuss, such ass:  picking up cones, the fight against terrorism in Syria, the friendship of nations and others. All sorts of idiots distract you from your agenda with all their bullshit. I believe that the UN has no power and my nuts already spilling out of my pants, it tells me that ordinary people should have more power in making important decisions. By the way, did you know that race of reptilians already settled among us? They look like
regular people, but inside of them is some sort of green slime. These reptilians are very easy to spot, when you poke them with a fork - there are tentacles coming out of every hole. My grandfather says that, fucked-up Vietnam veteran. But I still think, that it's not so bad. As long as people believe in God and live with this belief, the World would still kept afloat. So let's make money and build more temples for prayers. Jesus, the Lord of the Worlds will hear our prayers and will
banish reptilians from the Earth. Meanwhile, I'll write and do all sort of real crap for you, my dear readers and members of the club. Nobody can't prevent me to do this, even the Dark Lord can't stop me to communicate with you. Even the eruption of a volcano will not destroy my communication with you.

Also, do not forget to do good, to play the real game and to support me! Let the cash flow does not pass us by. If you want to increase your karma and to get into the book of Fame, you can donate from open heart small or big sum of money. And there's nothing wrong, do not be afraid! All of this will go to the development of happiness. As for me, I'll give the felt pens and a little of potatoes instead. If someone wants to be the master of felt pens, let me know! I have plans to develop the project and produce different buns for you.

Thank you for attention, follow up the news and share!

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