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Dirty Bobby

Hello dear readers!
We received a letter to our editorial office, calling for help. We will publish this letter (punctuation observed) here. We have hired the best psychologist from the city of Baghdad, who will give advice to this poor man in a difficult life situation.

"I have been married for a long time, I have children. My family knows nothing about how I make money. I started escorting 12 years ago when I felt dissatisfaction. There were many interesting things that I wanted to try in sex. I like to wear lingerie. I can’t show it at home. My wife is a modest, country woman. She does not need any additional options in sex, she is very correct, she never even asked me to do cunnilingus for her. We can say that she is a plus, and I am a minus, but I love her very much, and she loves me. I wanted to realize my fantasies and gradually I came to the thought of sex work. I advertise on different dating sites and saw that people were primarily interested in me as a sex partner, they wrote me daily love letters. Over time, the hobby became quite a full-time job. I'm not gay at all, I can't even call myself bi. I don’t want men at all. But I have to serve not only women, but also men, especially when a couple calls me. I can be “lower,” but not “upper,” and I warn passive gays that they have nothing to catch with me. At first I perceived sex with men as a cost of production, but I can endure it, and sometimes I even like it."

An opinion from a psychologist:

"This is a very dangerous job: either a prostitute will be killed, or a gay will be hanged. I will whip your head boy! I think you should pray to the Holy Apostles and not take any more dick in your ass. Sodomy was popular in the cities of Sodom and Gamora, but since the days when a nuclear warhead was launched there, there seemed to be a lull. You must understand that you are a fucking adulterer, which has no mercy. There is a way out of this situation - to lament and shit in the plane, open the hatch and jump out. As the great Freud said - thank you, thumbs up and the ku Klux Klan."

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