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Golden Age

Not long ago the Rio Olympics ended with a spectacular closing ceremony. At this point I was in the bathroom and washed a dirty horse, which ran away from the Gypsies and then she came to me. A little bit later I dressed her in the nightgown and locked her in the attic. After a while, the Gypsies attacked my house and I had to call the police (SWAT team had been notified too) and a helicopter to evacuate my rubber dolls. In this stressful time I ate half a kilo of garlic and all smoothed out, because garlic kills worms and also keeps evil spirits away.There were many controversies at the Olympic Games, the subject was - the use of performance-enhancing drugs. I also ate a green cucumber and felt like a champion, also I greased some black shoe polish around my heels -  so nobody won't find me in the dark and  I will run to the finish line first. Not long ago, to relieve stress I watched the movie "Titanic" with Leonardo DiCaprio. After watching the movie I cried a lot and was horribly wet, a little bit later I decided to destroy this tape with the movie. For a long time I couldn't come in a normal mental state. I had to take the crowbar and hit myself in the stomach. Only after this procedure I was relieved, but suddenly I started to become swollen.

Not long ago some scientist said that the earth is not round, most likely it is triangular, like his ass. The science of space exploration in general isn't developed yet! Mission to Mars will fail, because the astronaut always accidentally farts
and after that every time a bubble appears and the spaceship collides with an asteroid. Recently an astronaut from Zanzibar had pooped into an illuminator and the spaceship fell into a Black Hole. NASA didn't says about it, but respectable people should know all information. I really hate stupid news and stupid scientific discoveries of stupid scientists. No, of course there is a lot of cool scientists, who know how to remove the cellulite from the ass of a camel, but that's another story.
I like economic news where they say - that Africa is full of homeless people. I just say that this is not true, because I have called a hotline and donated 1 Euro for Africa's development. I also like Forbes Magazine, where they find the money of some people. They probably did not realize that the money can be stored in a grandmother's chest and all the money can't be counted -  as a chest buried in the desert and guarded by Indians.

Summer was so hot and that why I cut the watermelon and from the rind I made a hat. I haven't got to Rio Olympics, because I wasn't allowed to enter the plane in a black cloak. So I was going by a trade ship with wood cargo, which was arrested in Panama, because of drug trafficking. So I ended up stuck there for three month. Yes, I wear a black coat dressed on my naked body, but I am not an exbicionist. I don't like these awful perverts, but to be honest I like to walk in a black cloak dressed on my naked body. I never take off that black cloak in public places, I usually take it off in front of the bears in the wood. I make them scared so they do not steal bees' honey. Strange things are happening. A few days ago I turned on the washing machine and then I found a paralyzed squirrel inside. I gave her first aid and onions to eat. X-Files... I want to believe. Okay, honestly it was a mystification - I lied about the squirrel.

I studied to be a successful manager in the Institute and know about the streams. There is a main stream and a golf stream, fck. I'm confused, I mean cash streams, fck, cash flows! Remember, that this website is such a flow or a small brook.
Let the stream flow and the music of Michael Boyarsky play!

P.S Don't forget to play real games, do not forget to do good and help others.

Thank you, follow up the news and play.

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