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 Mr. Nobel liked to listen to a rap and was the main mc in the hood.After gangster firing has started 2 listen 2 Beethoven.Personally knew Bush and Napoleon.Stop it immediately! And now the truth.

Mr. Nobel was the remarkable person,because was clever and hardworking.During a life of Mr. Nobel, my grand grand father grew up a potato,which Bush was eating.Certainly it is an invention and you kids have believed! Mr. Nobel was the grandiose person,because helped  young talents to find itself.Mr. Nobel carried a beard and did not shave her because ,there was no cream. Better for the man is not present – gillete. Alfred got married and loved his wife. But this silly woman has given birth to the child from another person. Do not take in a head! Simply she  was uneducated and you   Mr. Nobel - were the great person.Also there was a premium - Nobel.

Many people received this premium but I never,while. On this site i have decided to sell a potato, with which I shall fill all the World and after i shall receive for it - the premium. Even if i shall not receive the premium, let the  kind people  buy a potato.Someone is engaged in oil, someone sells steel.I have opened the business.I sell a door from a street toilet for 600 dollars.I will tell by a secret - even Alfred Nobel ate a potato.Follow up the news!

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