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Hello again!

Hi there,
Now i live with my grandmother.Yes she still sits in the internet throw the tv and she wathches her  fav programms on radio.My grandmother takes red,blue and green pill every morning,and then runs around the house so i can hear her scream - ''freedom! freedom to jamaica! freedom!''

At the morning i have some serious things to do.Im  getting on  a wooden horse and  hunting  drunk drivers.There is a river near my house.Once i threw my favourite toy-penguin into the water and then i have called the emergency services, to rescued him.In our city apartment(hmm huh!) - there live other people now.
The house of my grandmother stands on the chicken's legs near the wood.At the morning i can hear the singing of the tractors,someone is knocking trash can with hammer at night.I'm helping around the house! I love to glue the chips to the carpet and then clean it.In the house lives almost the entire family.I sleep in the bushes,dad sleeps on the couch.

Now university is closed for the holidays and I decided to find a job, my job is - to correct bad estimates.On the planet there is an economical crisis and  father has found a job  of watchmen.The salary is to little to buy a bread.He steals bread,eats it and goes to sleep in the forest.When i am hungry i put my hand into my slippers and steal a sweet buns form it.My story smells like ''asshole story'' - such a situation,so i just brightens up the situation.
It is a summer time, thank God i  can walk in slippers and sleep in them.It is necessary to find a normal job,because in the winter you will be like a drunk Yetti in your slippers.During the summer,i plan to read a book about hobbits and to steal another sweet buns.
I dont like to watch a football match,because my fav team are - climbers from mountain Titicaca.

I w tell you something later,thank you!

Follow up the news!

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