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Soon there will be so many different holidays! During the holidays I plan to sell a lot of wastepaper and a little bit of raspberry, collected from the bushes. I have an idea about earnings - to repair my house, because it is made of
packages of a yogurt. I lova lova yogurt, it flows over my head and I always sticky. Flies are sitting on me. In July, will be a great holiday - the World Day of Architecture. In honor of this, I decided to ruin my house and build a new one. It's
enought to build houses from a random crap! A normal house must be either of wood or stoneĀ  and architects know it. Today I bought the Board, and two kilos of stones for a new house. Suddenly I ran out my saved up money. I will have to beg again in a suit of beaver. There are good people on Earth, that will help and who have the opportunity to.

Sometimes I kiss the wall, on which hangs a poster girl of an old Playboy magazine. It is important to notice! I'm kissing not a poster, but my wall - the wall of my former house, inhabited by aborigines, formerly. By the way, soon there will be another holiday - the International Day of Kiss. So, it's better to kiss people instead of walls. Dear friends! Don't think
that I'm crazy, very often I'm just exaggerating.

Now I have to draw a new house plan. I also have a firecracker, in the evening I think to set up fireworks and invite a lot of guests. I think no one will come besides homeless cats. By the way soon in America - Independence Day!
That's where the fireworks exactly be and for sure there will come a lot of cats, they will search for fish.
Thank you for attention! Be much kinder! Follow up the news!
P.S. Who needs an empty box of matches? You can catch the bug and put that in there.

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