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Hello people who prevented on a potato.On a background you see a wall-papers of my friend,which i have torn off from his wall and have pasted here.They white as a snowball.The friend has spat on my wall and i have pasted them.Have noticed,what it is very strategically a prudent step? I have saved on glue.Yes i am very economical person.I don’t even buy a rug for a floor.I am pising in my pants,then i remove them and i wash a floor.Have noticed my cleanliness? I like when the house shines. Everything is shining at my place.In the house i don’t have a mirror,because there is no need.My floor is very clean so i  look at him as in a mirror.If I don’t see reflection of the face,so the point is in my mug.To conclude – my face is dirty,just because i didn’t  wash it this morning.

Water flows on me from a drain pipe, coming from the roof.I hope that the Neptune will send a rain on a roof.If the rain is not present,i thrust the hand in a pipe, and i get a rust,which is inside of a pipe.Then i smear the face.I have a best friend – dermatologist.He says that my skin looks like as an old lady’s face,crushed by tractor.What a joker!Money require! Assholes!  And now i will close the gates of the truth of my life.My name is Carl Michael. I am a member of corporation - A-Heads.I am a horse-radish on a peace of bread in comparison with chiefs of this corporation. We are engaged :  statistics,shadowing.We consider money of people which grow up a potato and not only.Our envoys go all over the World and give advice on cultivation of  Potato.

Put a potato in your underpants,if they are tore - the crop is simply magnificent!.We have already patented this method.Don’t even tell me that you ® heard about somewhere.I have bought to myself about 100 hectares of the ground to grow up a potato.Fairly to tell,on my territory will be located only the heel of a dead worm.I devote much time to biology.Worms do not have legs and i have deduced breed of worms, which have one leg. We have patented this method.Don’t’ even tell me that you ® heard about somewhere,and also go with them to a casino. Concurrence of this story to a real life - only concurrence.

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