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Just tell me - why?




People think – (why)this site has been created? This site has been created for kind people,which are able to read and 2 chew.I’m not the greedy person,also shall not say lies.For example:Give me the money it is necessary to buy ointment!!! The hemorrhoids has tortured!!!It is necessary money for treatment.I often think why people for the sake of money are ready on any bad businesses? Why it is impossible to earn them fairly? Why the some people love each other because of money? I know the answer.

Maybe,because –a potato? Oh no.Wrong answer. Potato - a noble vegetable.I'm not the child and not the old grandfather,and i wish to earn my first million.How? I wish to work fairly or not fairly.Maybe you have got a work for me? Please! Im need it so.If work is not present - come into my shop and get unique things.I want goes on Lamborghini and to live in the cosy house,and who does not want it? But i'm stronger than others,want that.It would be desirable that kind people have helped me.I wish to construct a factory for manufacture of a paint or oil for cars.The bank will not give the credit,i have nothing to pawn.There is only a grandmother,a joke.If six billions people will offer money,i shall not construct a factory - I shall draw the moon to the Earth.If you have any wishes, offers or questions - write to me on e-mail or leave the comments.

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