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As I said that in this news release will be a powerful turning point in IT, new strategy and website content update. But because of the crisis and the collapse of the currency markets I have become much poorer. I do not keep money in the bank, I kept them in my pants and in the three-liter jar. Not long time ago I made a fire to cook a meal and bought some sausages in the market. After I ate, I had a swollen stomach and I was very scared. I was scared that the food will go through my ears
and to save myself I started jumping over the fire. When I jumped over the fire I lost my pants in it. In the pocket of my pants was a check for a large sum of dollars, which
I found in the internet and printed out. These jumps were like a movie about Indians. Later on I realized that expiry date of sausages was over for more then two years ago. That's why I was so foggy, so now I eat only yogurt, which expiry date was over two month ago. I love to eat, I'm a gourmet. Be aware, if you put a bunch of dill inside of fish and add some honey - you will get a honey-fish. Of course to do so you should be an idiot or a stupid moron. Oh, Bon appetit!

You have already noticed, that a lot of refugees are coming to Europe! The next Halloween will be the most violent as never been. Refugees will knock at your door and will say - trick or treat! trick or treat! Of course the problem with the refugees must be solved. It is necessary to build skyscrapers, to set up water communications and confiscate all TV's in the countries where they live. The life in Europe is not so easy and there is no truth on TV. Who the fu!k is watching TV? Probably every homeless are watching to the electronic stores window. I often think how to solve the problem with homeless people. As you know, that one of the concepts of this website is - mercy. First of all wash them with a water hose and let them go to the
Ritz hotel to have a meal. But this is not an easy topic for discussion, and there are many nuances.

I recently watched a cartoon and heard that hunters want to trap Yetti aka Bigfoot and send him to the space. The goal is to hit an astronauts forehead. He will do this to prevent them to open the window
at the space station. You should know that when the window is open - you can feel an air flow. As one of the many concepts of this site - is to tell the truth, I will say that it is not true. It's a stupid joke of a drunken Santa Claus at the matinee in the kindergarten. You can't fool me! There are so many alcoholics and so much alcoholism in the whole World. We have to fight against the alcoholism by taken the alcohol away from them and drink theirs drinks quickly. But this is a very complex system, it is not yet fully modified by mе. At the moment of adding of this article I gathered all my thoughts together. I remembered that I am a novice financier and philanthropist. Recently I called the emergency crew and financed them to clean a bunch of a horse dung. In fact there was a gypsy camp passing in front of my house, with a herd of horses. Invest in good things from the open heart and this site will be an excellent platform for investment!

P.S Remember that you can invest not only in emergency crew!

Thank you, follow up the news!

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