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Puzzle(Guess Who)


This man has a heavy potato-head and a beard.He is wearing a helmet.His name is Mr Bubba.He is sitting on his desk.
This human works in the Hesburger.He goes there by train.Mr Bubba has a dog and two sheeps.He loves to run behind the bus on the roadway.Mr Bubba tells everyone that he likes traveling in the trunk of a car.Mr Bubba is a great political figure! He
loves to discuss the situation in the Parliament with his friend Wooden Horse.It is important to note,that Mr Bubba loves a good meal.He picks up flowers from the flower-bed and eats them with ketchup.Mr Bubba likes fishing! He doesn't have a fishing pole,he has an old boot.Our hero likes to sit in the subway and to yell at the bench or at the lantern.Our hero has many friends! They are - Jacques Chirac,donkey,old stump,Bush and someone else.When he is nervous he starts to pinch like a goos.We also know,that he is cadging near the Big Ben(Swiss quality,London)In the right pocket he has a sandwich,but in his left pocket there is a hole.Also he can sing like a drunk ostrich.Our hero likes to jump on a trampoline while he sleeps.Hero of the puzzle can tame the bull! Stop! I don't want to speak about the state's secrets.He has a big ears,like an elf has! His ears could even cover the whole Planet! Guess who is this?

Yes! You are right! It is - Tony Blair!




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