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Spring theses from Chuck Norris

Theses have been found in a diary.Chuck Norris.


1.Do You wish to clean a teeth with taste of honey? - Climb in a beehive and take the honey.

2.Do You wish to sell the president? - Collect it in parts.Legs, Hands e.t.c.

3.Do You wish to be a Chuck Norris - Change a look of your face.

4.Do You want a fashionable hairdress? - Thrust fingers in the socket.

5.Do You wish to hide? - Climb to the woman under a skirt.

6.Do You wish to be a thick? – Become a thin.

7.Do You wish to become a dolphin? - You cannot become them, so-as you are the penguin.

8.Do You wish to be the idiot? - Jump in a pool from a springboard.




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