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Now I need a lawyer, because I had a letter from some fucked up old cunt, threatening to sue me, because her grandson choke on chicken mcnugget while reading one of my articles, and then he spent two months in coma, and after he recovered, he crapped himself twice and started to speak aztec language. I decided to visit her grandson and came to the hospital, but as soon as I entered his hospital ward I saw that he began to choke on chicken mcnugget again while reading articles on this website. I started to make a Heimlich's move on him, because he choked again, but all of a sudden his grandma have entered the hospital ward and started squealing, thinking that I was raping her grandson. Her screams have triggered a fire alarm and suddenly the fireman ran into the room with a hose in his hand and began to sling a foam on that fucked up grandmother. Then we had a long fun with foam, joked and then made up,  I wanted to take a crap and saw a bucket next to the bunk, but it was already crammed with some shit, I got scared, hit myself in the stomach and ran away. Having visited my fan in the hospital, I added plus one to my karma. In fact, I have a very large audience, but in the beginning some dudes did not believe in me as they did not believe in Donald Trump, in fact I am a dark horse and personally selecting the new Pope from numerous candidates. In fact, the bigger the candidate's gut, the bigger his chance to become a Pope and to start give away indulgences to Camorra and other mafia, unless of course if they have any sins, after all, you know - if a brigand isn't caught he isn't a thief. Personally, I solve my problems on my own, if there is some sort of a brawl or raid on gooks village, then I say to the fucknot - that I will hammer a nail in his head and read panikhida prayer about him. In fact, all problems should be solved in the legal field and if someone owes money and doesn't want to pay, just put the debtor in a bag and take it to the landfill, where he will get assfucked or beaten up by bums. Bums from the landfill is a great force, but they are kind of like ants do not attack first, but imagine if they attack wealthy neighborhood in Miami! Even an entire army wont fucking stop this dirty boys . Look, for example, in African countries, the state stupidly deceives people, where do the billions of dollars are spent that are transferred to these countries for combat poverty, which are allocated by the World bank? There are landfills and there are bums in African countries too, which will also ask to share money with them and what the fucking country will answer then? Even the whole army will not stop the real bums! I'm a long time did not watch the world news on TV, because these news resemble a rural dramatic circle. Again, some kind of bearded extremist committed an act of terrorism in one European country, so what the fuck the authorities allowed him to come to Europe? People will Say that he already was born in Europe! By the way special services were also aware of the radical Islamic mindset of this terrorist, but they did nothing, the terrorist was almost on the hook, but nobody did nothing to stop him. Immediately bring me a basin, or I'm gonna to puke on my white jacket, such white jackets are worn by real niggers from Compton . Many people do not have the systemic thinking that I'm gifted with.

As I said I graduated from the Department of Management, where I was trained to think systemically and to manage the business. Because our family business does not bring income now, I have to turn around and to look for new ways of business development. I conducted my own SWOT analysis and understood that I can professionally manage my balls and ass, this is no longer a bad thing in this cruel World. That's why, dudes! Invest in this web project and you will successfully be able to twist the globe on your dick, if, of course you are not a Pinocchio. Still, I do not advise you to do such exercises, because with help of your dignity you can run into an iceberg, and there will be a very sad story as with the Titanic. Penguins were waiting for a fresh fish, but they found the body of Leonardo DiCaprio, which was sodomized by the sea dogs. By the way, his grandchildren Bob and Donald - are reading this website and articles as the  our father prayer, also they steal money from the pocket of the Titanic's hero to make me a little donation. By the way, I wanted to assault Leo in my grandmother's brown panties at the Oscar ceremony and to wrest the Oscar statuette from his hands, escape noticeably and give this statuette to a bum from the landfill. I did not do it at the Oscar ceremony because there were children in the hall, which would think that I am a Grinch and shat themself from fear, thereby disrupting the ceremony. Actually, this topic is to old, so old, as old as the mammoths sex. Recently I was busy and did not read the newspaper to find out the latest news, since I was replacing my friend in the restaurant. The fact is that - his tamed hedgehog died and he went to bury him. A friend asked me to work in the kitchen and prepare dishes strictly according to the recipe. I started to work at the restaurant in the morning and cooked an omelette with bacon, and towards evening a gang of dirty punks came into the restaurant. They were terribly cursing like a homeless blowjobbers, reeking like a bags of shit and after some time set to the table. This scumbag team was very noisy, then, one of them got on the table and pissed on one of his friends head. Seeing this scene from Star Wars I got very scared and ran to the kitchen to indulge in prayer. Chinese waiter came to those assmuntchers and asked them - what is your order, gentlemen? These heifers of hell ordered a lot of soup and a can of donkey piss, but as we didn't had any of named piss in menu, we had to give them a bottle of crapy georgian wine mixed with vinegar and steroids. I started to cook soup, he looked as disgusting as it could be, but to spice things up, I added two dirty dollars, underwear with distinct brown stripe in the back and yellow spots in the front and I've spit in it to add special mexican flavour. When the soup was ready, I prayed and decided as a crusader to go to my great and glorious Crusade, which may have been my last. I took holy cross from the wall, with a lot of effort, but it accidentally slipped from my hands into a kettle with soup, it soaked up, so I couldn't get it out - because it was too heavy, so I just dragged the whole thing into a mess hall. Suddenly two priests ran into the restaurant and with the help of brass knuckles began to beat the shit out of dirty punks. The thing is that, these abominations have stolen holy icon from orthodox temple, but as you should expect - the payback time has come. A moment later, a crowd of bikers burst into the restaurant, which with the help of combat strapons, began to beat the shit out of punks and at the same time of priests. Suddenly, not without reason, it is not known why, one of the punks caught fire, all his ass was on fire and he was all on fire, he ran out into the street, through the glass case. When the passions subsided, the bikers helped me to get a cross out of the kettle and we all prayed massively for the sins of our fathers. That's what I call a brawl in a Vietnamese village, I just couldn't keep this story to myself and decided to share with you, my dear readers. The next day, the restaurant was quarantined and I did not manage to earn good money. Dear readers don't be afraid to support me with cash , because employers are often dismissed me from work and my hands grow from the ass.

Summer is in full swing and as you probably noticed that I often talk about shit! The fact is that, this shit is almost real, just not a lot of sprinkled with sugar, so it was more pleasant to understand. This is firstly, and secondly - shit happens!
In fact, all the events of the articles on this website teach you about kindness and compassion, mercy and love. If you read Hitchcock's book, his story which was called "The Birds", it is not at all necessary to think that pigeons are killers. I remember every time when I sat on the toilet bawl, I read this book and in those days I had a canary at my place in the little cage. I got very scared that she would get out of the cage and begin to rape me, so I pulled her out from the cage and stuck her in the microwave oven, set the timer for two hours and included the hottest mode. After 5 seconds I came to my senses and pulled her out of the microwave, tied her up and threw her in the storage room. By the way, she still sits there and probably I need to feed her. Have you noticed what a mercy? I again added myself plus one to karma. By the way, this incident happened exactly 10 years ago. By the way, exactly 13 years ago, came up with the idea to create this project, I was very young back then. I was robbing seniors in the doorways, bodybuilders, skinhead neo-nazis and the bald guy from Brazzers. Oh, No! I mean, I accompanied lascivious old women, because I worked in the escort services. Write in the comments what you were doing 13 years ago,  it will be interesting to read. How am I glad that I created this internet project and I have you, my favorite readers. Please don't think that I'm some kind of fucked up dude, I'm actually a law-abiding citizen.There are just things that I can't handle. My father 15 years ago took a loan against an apartment and for some time we paid to a bank for the lease of the apartment. A time later, my father went to Africa to work and still works there, but the employer does not pay him a salary. I wanted to write on kickstarter so they helped us to buy out an apartment from the bank, but I was not at my ease to do it. Probably, I should have written there that I needed to buy a cow for the price of 85000 eur, but there is also my internet project and now you understand me a little bit more. Okay, let's not talk about sad things. Please tell me how many times in the last month did you play this game? Playing this game, do not forget to support me with some cash. And there is nothing to worry about, believe me. Summer is currently at its peak and it's time for great thing. To be more precise - the season of feeding squirrels if officially opened. I go to the forest and feed squirrels with cookies, one squirrel even got thicker and became quite tame, I named her Esmeralda. I have tamed this squirrel, so that she would spin the wheel and play with my nuts. This wheel will produce electricity for my house, since I have not paid for utility bills for a long time, because all the money goes to pay for the Internet. Dear readers, if you want to support me - then do not be afraid to do this. You can buy a felt-tip pen from me, I've already written about it in my past articles, you can write an article on this site, also you can place your advertisement on this website. You can find a good way to thank me. And now I'm going to turn the wheel with the squirrel, tomorrow - I'll pay for the Internet.

P.S. If you want to thank me, but don't know how - write me a letter. I will manage my book of glory, where will good people end up, because they do exist in this World, I believe this. I will try more often to publish articles here. Sorry for being rude in some of my articles.

Thank you for attention! Follow up the news, share, play, buy and do not forget to support me! Let the Panda be with you! God Bless!



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