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Hi there!
I heard somewhere that breeding rabbits is a very profitable business. But this World is in trouble, the situation is getting worse every day - there is a clear confrontation (opposition) of the most powerful countries on the Planet. Which is reflected in the economic, political and military terms. The following information was obtained from reliable sources: politicians decide all their issues in the bath. The bathhouse is located somewhere in Africa in the Sahara desert. They are sitting under the hit in the strawhats and chewing a cactus with camels. By the way shaving cream Gillette actually was not invented for the face, in fact cream was invented for the ass. In order to make it easier to shove political cactus in that ass. Sorry for being rude, but it's true! Everything is turned upside down as the pan with porridge. All these global conspiracies made me lose the point about rabbits and there is no sense now to talk about them. Rabbits have been frightened by all this nightmare on the Earth, they are shaking and trembling now like a naked dwarves in the refrigerator. It will be difficult to breed them. If you breed shaking rabbits, they will deliver shaking babies, but they have to be born healthy.

Recently I wanted to open a Swiss Bank account, that later money flowed into my pocket. But I was advised not to open an account there. The old man on the street told me that there is some mountains, sheep, shepherds and nothing more. Apparently it was a former Bank depositor. I don't know of course, but I decided not to open my account there. Thinking about opening an account in a local Bank. It is necessary when your bank provides services to work with all e-currencies. It is very important for me, that managers do not ring me to propose their stupid stuff/services. For example, calling me to offer by mistake retirement of a veteran of Vietnam, or to take a loan in exchange for the boot (shoes). Global cash flow is very large, so I think it is time for the project of the century to join this thread (flow).

I think that project Potato and Nobel is a real breakthrough in the IT industry. If people are investing millions of dollars in Picasso's painting, then they can invest in this masterpiece website. Look at this website, there is nothing superfluous. On the top of the page you can see scales, which hold the entire World order. I think that the balance is broken, because disorder and spies are everywhere. By the way if you constantly read news here, you can find the gift of telekinesis inside yourself. You can move objects by force of will and quickly to hammer nails with your forehead. But better do not do it! Especially don't really try to hammer nails with your forehead. Usually, I cut the bread into small slices with the help of my forehead. But that's another story. And don't forget the concept of this site - to go in all serious.There will be something new in the next news letter, will be a tripping point in the industry!

Thank you for attention, follow up the news!

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