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What a wonderful day today, I was lying under a bush in the garden. Suddenly I heard the air-raid warning. I got very frightened and ran into the house to get a wooden rifle (which was given to me by a wise Indian) and then ran to the front lines. Thank God it was a training test. Then people told me that in the sky  was flying rook, which was mistaken for an enemy aircraft. The sky must be clear for the birds, kites and clouds. By the way Microsoft has stolen some clouds for Windows 95.

On the splash screen there are some visible clouds. Also bad guys can come to knock your window out, to insert their windows. May be it will be Windows 8 without clouds, but with strange violet squares. What is it? Its called - a great fantasy of a mushroom eating designer. By the way the squares for Windows 8 were not stolen like clouds. Also there was a work of art - Malevich's "Black Square". All this is very strange things. Why do I say all this? Because ther are no good oparating systems. Although well, the system which controls the washing machine is fine with me.

This is a very difficult topic for discussion. To understand it, people must stop walking with a bucket on their heads. By the way, about my bucket. Last time I told that i will sell it, but i changed my mind. I gave it to one gardener who have peed in there and have poured it into their boots. More I won't make gifts for anyone, I will only do charity. How am I going to deal with them without a huge fortune? Very simple! I'll give an advice to myself on how best to sell old sweater which people will use like a mop.

And as you know, dear lovers of purity, cleanliness - the guarantee of health! The floor will be clean and the one who will buy a sweater will live a long and a happy life.
Thank you for attention! Follow up the news!

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No war


The situation over North Korea is heating up, meanwhile in the southern part people continue to dance. What else is left to do, when {rokbox title=|| text=|someone| size=|561 350|}images/stories/snipa.jpg{/rokbox} is aiming at you with a rifle? Many people know, that the people of Korea - ethnically one. Yes, they are similar to each other, then it is true. But what this nation cannot divide?

Koreans eat the same rice, but in the southern part this rice poured with sauce Uncle Balns. The sauce is a good find for food. Probably, there is a one jar of sauce, but there are a lot of people, who interested in this product. Well, they are divide this sauce. One side of the conflict scares the whole World with nuclear warheads, the other side of the conflict has bought a second jar of sauce and hid it. There is only one question, what the hell is going on there? I don't know, I'm excited, maybe I must to buy one jar with sauce, or maybe I can pour rice on sauce. All this things is hard to understand, you have to be a strategist like me to understand it. I don't want to meddle in the internal affairs of these countries, but I will say something. The sauce should not be a cause for war, because this is just a condiment. It is necessary to solve this problem diplomatically.

Politicians should meet each other under the bridge to discuss the topic of condiments, and the rest of the World will help. I would like so much to tell you about it, but it's a long story! Better little by little I will write about everything, because it is harmful for a long time to read for you and for all.

Thank you, follow up the news!

P.S selling a bucket for the garden. The ones who needs it - please contact me.

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Wall Street again prevents me from earning money! Whos does not know what is Wall Street, let me explain. This is a street where many stones are piled in, so no one can pass throught. This article is for businessman in general. Brokers in stock market - sick people, they have nerves not ok.They are screaming, throwing papers, spitting on the floor and on each other. I think if the indexes will drop at the stock market - stock brokers will get frightened.They will turn into doves and shit themselves. Moreover, from the back door of stock market strange people are running out in the bath suits. They are running around the World and scaring people. The reason is, that on the stock exchange dishonest things are happening.

Here is a {rokbox title=|We must to prevent!| text=|plan| size=|561 350|}images/stories/spacefoto.jpg{/rokbox} to prevent them from running out of the stock market. The picture was taken from Space. This is a good plan, but I'm afraid that this guys in bathing suits in future, will run out from the toilet bowl.

As I like to say - it is tense situation in the World. Yesterday I have bought a VHS tape with the film Die Hard (part 2). I have to say that it's very scary movie. I got scared and went to sleep in the closet with a wooden sword in my hands. I will defend myself from stock brokers, which can crawl out from my sofa. That's why it's better to have a non stressful job - cultivate flowers and sell them under the guise of a vacuum cleaner. P.S Selling second hand sweater (with big hole). The ones who needs it - please contact me. Thank you, follow up the news!

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I want to congratulate you with Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! I wish you that all sorts of smelly goats didn't lie to you, bad people, unfortunately always lie. Beware of injustice in all its forms. Remember that under a noble beard of Santa Claus can be evil smile of crocodile. But no so bad, because Santa Claus have a fake, unreal, very very unreal, not real beard, which can be taken off and can be eaten, because in his beard can be found a food remains. It's very delicious.

In the past year there were many tragedies. I wish that these tragedies will not happen again in this new year. All this is a porridge with the problems. It is a good reason to feed the pigeons, with that porridge. I wish to breathe purrre oxygen and pray more to God, and I wish you the same. Now I'm riding to the sky on my own ostrich-animal to make it all come true. Beach, I'm stuck in the elevator again.

Thank you, follow up the news!

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Intro: Part 2

Yesterday I was praying and almost broke my leg, because not so long ago I have heard a scream from outside and jumped out of the window. I thought that I will become a hero, who save mankind from the jaws of the dragon. Actually it was ice cream ven going past the house. The driver was screaming in the loudspeakers that in his truck he had frozen hobbits sprinkled with sugar. Also he was screaming that he doesn't have driver lacense.

At the attic I  have a mop, covered in shit - it's for heroic acts, but it's not the main thing of that topic. I decided to open a store on this website, which sells random stuff. For example: chewed peas, used toilet paper e.t.c.There is a parable about a man who decided to earn some money. He sold his Rolls Royce for two cucumbers. One in his mouth and one in his ass. After this ritual he got frightend and got inside the wooden chest. Grandma tells that our neighbor Alejandro Pushkin still sits there. Actually we don't have such neighbor in region, ok.

Now utilities bills are getting biger and weather guy says that it will be a cold times. Therefore I had to chop a tree in the city park, to use it - as a fuel to my furnance. In my house there is an oven which is out of order. I have to cook my meals on the sewer manhole. But this happens very rarrerly, because I sleep more than eat. Hot steam, mmm yummy. All this are little things and I wouldn't trouble you up with my problems. Two years ago my daddy like Pinocchio took a loan. When the money ran out a bit, we had to pay our debt with boiled peas. When boiled pease was over - the situation become ill. So I decided to trade a little bit here to get out of this financial web. It's a ittle bit confusing to tell you about this. Crisis has robbed many people!
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Finally I have found a job. My task was to collect apples from the ground, and put them in a basket, but I wasnt put them in a basket, because ben001 uncle Belns from the garden told me that they will be eaten by the human beings. But its good. Later I find out that bad people were putting sticks into the apples and were hitting the wall with them.
I have put all apples from the garden into a suitcase and  was going to run away to Thailand. I was afraid that I will be punished,so I thrust two fingers in my own mouth. I wont continue any further, because today I was fired. I also have worked as a food taster, I was eating powder and swallowing markers. Let not dispute about my previous accupation.
As I already have said that I want to open the store, right here. If I will be able to sell someting - I will buy paint for my car. I will paint my car so it will turn to BMW. I forgot to tell you that I have a degree in Social Studies, now im much brighter,and because of that I wright such bullshit. But all of it is not just nonsene, it is simply other side of our lifes.
Thank you, follow up the news!

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Its summer time, hot-hot. In Russia forests are burning, in America – Obama is a president.Who has more rights, forests or Obama? Joke. Ok, I made a promise to the secret service of Madagascar that in few next days i wont speak about the situation in the World in general.It would be better, that they would give me a job, so what the hell, i will speak about situation, but not today. Ok, today we wont speak about birds, animals and hybrids.But let me say a few things about hybrids.I have a car - Volvo.Yeee, its for real party animalz! Im a party animal! But i dont like to party, because im wet bird and i need a job.What does the word "hybrid" means for this car? Nothing. Many people say, that the Volvo is not a car, it’s a hybrid of the stool and a wooden vagon. Its not true, because those chicken riders are incompetent.
Now is the time, that even in summer time  you can not relax, because as I have said in my last topics -  the World hangs on the last thread. What is the problem? Speedin. In the prophecies of the Holy – once everything will end badly, but then begins eternity.All those, who have fallen into the jaws of a crocodile will gain freedom.If they are not ''speedin''. Meaning of ''speedin'' has a deeper  meaning, then just getting fine on the road.Do not make speedin.
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Tt is quite tense situation in the World, there are a lot of armed conflicts.Its hard times for everyone.I'm sick of watching TV, because his infernal majesty in the wooden box. Now people have learned how to grow square watermelon.Today
genetically modified products are created.They are really unhealthy to eat.It is very good, but i dont whant to it this products, because i dont wanna be a zebra, I dont wanna to turn into it.
The financial crisis does not sleeps.He has destroyed my garlic garden.Garlic is a weapon against vampires, which became arrogant.They are raising the price of a barrel of oil.Around the world people are being obscure, and do not make good deeds.They have dirty thoughts and evil intentions.The World comes to an end, but everytinhg is not so bad, because the end is the beginin of something.
We must find an evil clown. He will be like a charge for the cannon.Lets put him like a charge into the canon and fire at the  army of evil.
The financial crisis has affected on me! With a saw i have cut a hole in a floor of my car.I place my legs into this hole and starting to run like a Flintstone. There is no pedal in my car, because im not spendy person.I dont wanna buy expensive gasoline.Its very good patent, and first who sees it here, let take it and own it.Silicon Valley is an excellent platform for innovators.
Sorry, but i must go to bed, because i don't wanna anger my mom!
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So good

I have celebrated the New Year very well.My friend  came to me, he turned on the lamp and went to bed. I didn't wanted to sleep, because I was starving. Little bit later I watched show about strong men - they were drinking whiskey, but this show wasn't about strong men. Later I found out that they were alcoholics. Then I was watching show about old woman, she was juggling with her fake leg. Maybe it was a wooden leg, i don't remember. Suddenly someone called me thru the phone. I picked up the phone and then dropped the call. Who can call me on the New Year? There are only two options - Tom Jones or his balls of steel. Its very vulgar, but its true.

In the morning I threw a  christmas tree out of the window, but I forgot to remove  decorations and lights.I was very happy, because they didn't need me anymore, because next New Year I will  celebrate in the pool.
Thank you, follow up the news.

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Merry Christman and a Happy New Year party people!!

Chop a christmas tree in the forest and dance around it,your nose doesn't want to be frozen.


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