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Last night i had a dream about eating a porridge with a camel.I sat on him and i turned into the porridge.I found out that my sign of the zodiac is a goblin.I like astrology! I take a magnifying glass and observe the stars.Yesterday i discovered a new planet,she has a form of a pot.I gave her a name: Animals-11
It is my proof that on the Neptune lives a giraffe and some bald dancers.Sometimes i want to be a sattelite of the Eearth,but im afraid that the space agency will begin to share my hmm.But i do not see too often the stars in my dreams.Usually i see in my dreams: tanks,food and trees.Sometimes if a have a good dream i don't want to wake up and to come back.But you can not live and sleep in the same time.You have to pinch yourself more often.If you do good things, then life will be better and sweeter like in the dream.

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Puzzle(Guess Who)


This man has a heavy potato-head and a beard.He is wearing a helmet.His name is Mr Bubba.He is sitting on his desk.
This human works in the Hesburger.He goes there by train.Mr Bubba has a dog and two sheeps.He loves to run behind the bus on the roadway.Mr Bubba tells everyone that he likes traveling in the trunk of a car.Mr Bubba is a great political figure! He
loves to discuss the situation in the Parliament with his friend Wooden Horse.It is important to note,that Mr Bubba loves a good meal.He picks up flowers from the flower-bed and eats them with ketchup.Mr Bubba likes fishing! He doesn't have a fishing pole,he has an old boot.Our hero likes to sit in the subway and to yell at the bench or at the lantern.Our hero has many friends! They are - Jacques Chirac,donkey,old stump,Bush and someone else.When he is nervous he starts to pinch like a goos.We also know,that he is cadging near the Big Ben(Swiss quality,London)In the right pocket he has a sandwich,but in his left pocket there is a hole.Also he can sing like a drunk ostrich.Our hero likes to jump on a trampoline while he sleeps.Hero of the puzzle can tame the bull! Stop! I don't want to speak about the state's secrets.He has a big ears,like an elf has! His ears could even cover the whole Planet! Guess who is this?

Yes! You are right! It is - Tony Blair!




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Breaking News

I know your moving experience! The design of this site has been developed on the farm.Some information from "New-York Post".
''Yesterday,two robbers stole a horse from the stables.Passing by a barn,they stumbled on a sack of potatoes and surrendered to the police.Witnesses said that the robbers had black tights on their heads.The robbers claim,they were wrong about the house.''

''An old woman with parrot stucked in the elevator.Witnesses claim that the woman wanted to storm 21st flat.''

''Today in the center of the city,there was a strange man dressed up like a potato(suit).That was spooky.He was asking passerby to stab him with a fork.Witnesses said that this strange man was Mayor.''

I love to read newspapers! Especially i love to read about my neighbors.Especially i love to read about,how they throwing out of the window pots with flowers.One pot landed on the head of an old man,who took a slingshot and started to shoot.In the front house there are the windows,where i observe illuminating heads.They are glowing day and night! It's simple! Someone is sitting in front of the computer and he doesn't put on the light! And after you are talking about aliens ...
I got used to see these heads.
Thank you for attention!

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One letter 3

Part 3.

About friendship.
My friend is a big joker.His fav joke is - ''I will hit your teeth with shovel,so you would never laught any more!" One day i stopped laughting.About hobby.
If i were an animal...i wish i was a pelican of wisdom.My fav animal is - domestic water hobby is to feed them.
About rap.
I know who has a nose like a litte bird has(woodpecker).This is a rap singer.Guess who.Yes you are right it is - Clinton's saxophone.About animals.
I think that a crocodile is more dangerous than a shark,because he lives in the river,where likes to swim preacher.

Answer: ohoh! Fans! Thank you for attention!

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One letter 2

Part 2.

Hello guys! Little story about.
When i used to be a little boy, my hero was - George Washington from Chicago Bulls.Is he in jail now? Last year i was going to bodybuilding hall,but with out  Arny's help i would not have those muscles.
My fav cinema was "pumpkinhead 3" Very scary movie.The green monster from hell killed all cowboys.I don't understand for what? I whant to see the true face of George Bush.(''Helloween'' hero in white mask)
About Health.
Hmm i don't understand,how to treat the red idiots on my nose? One year ago my doctor told me that i had fleas.
I remembered that i have magic ointment,which smells like hundred tonns of hmm i don't understand!1 About summer.
I don't like winter i like summer,because i can swim in the river.There is a river near my house,where like to swim fish.I have a fishing pole but i dont use it.
Usually im using some dynamite.I like to throw it into the river.After this manipulation i like to laught,because all fishermens go under the water on their boats.I have a problems with police,because police
officers like to fish in that river.

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One letter

We recieved a letter from our fan.That we are going to publish.Part 1.

Hello guys! I'm stupid teenager from Europe,im 68,part of me lives in a ranch.(Texas) Sorry but i don't understand,how to make a comment here? Hello guys! Sorry it's me again.Where can i find Ozzy Ozbourn's fans web site? Hmm guys! I
have a problem! Where can i find hack about this site? Ou,Maria Magdalena,my friend told me not hack! I'm interesting in faq.Hello guys.Is everybody see this ad about nasa?(here?) I dont belieave in alians.(alians exist) Hmm hello guys! The European correct time is 5AM.I suffer from insomnia,where can i find manual about this? Hey guys.I think that on this site a half of users is stupid bots.This means 3-1=5.

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Spielberg's last work

Old man had no children.The only friends he had,were - domestic animals.One day,they beat him and run away from home.The old man decided to have a child.He took potatoes seeds and planted them in the grown.The old man was happy,seeing his potato growing.When the potato grew up,the old man decided to fry it.Fork and Spoon discovered his evil plan,they immediately told potato about.Potato realized that the old man really is a monster.
Fork and Spoon freed the potato,that has been jailed by a bad old man.Potato has been released and run away from the old man.
In the forest she met the robbers who wanted to eat her.Suddenly the Apache helicopter appeared in the sky.That made robbers frightened and they run away.Potato's name was  Happy Head.Potato was traveling a lot and finally arrived in a big city.
Officer Dick stopped her and asked to show the documents.But potato didn't have nothing in its pockets.Officer Dick could not put handcuffs on a potato and he let her go.The weather was cold and potato was freezing.Suddenly she saw a homeless,who was also cold.Homeless took of his sweater and covered the Potato.
''Thank you Mr! Now you are my friend!'' - said potato.Meanwhile the Starwars were passing around,they gave them some money and some weapons.The weather was cold.Homeless hugged the potato and they went to sleep together.
Friends didn't wake up in the street,but in a very posh house.The house was belonging to the Potato's community.
Homeless Riki became chairman of this organization.He was a humanbean man but he had the soul of a potato.He was elected.
Happy Head - became Prince.
They were expecting to do many good things.


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My Herringbone


Sorry i was not able to congratulate in time,because i had lost in the wood.Congratulations! You won! You'r the 100.000 visitor on this site,please take a surve and click the button ho! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! My Wish list for the people:

Be careful,glaciers are melting.Soon there will be a migration of penguins and walruses.Be careful,be happy.I hope that the Grinch will eat all your problems,and the Angel will give you happiness and joyful moments.

About Santa.Don't let him jump into your chimney,like a thief,just let him come in.On the Christmas day - i was sleeping,because i wanted to sleep.On the New Year's Eve - i was doing fitness-exercises,because i didnt want to sleep.At night i made a wish and went to sleep.My grammar is very good! What kind of wish? No! I will be quiet like a fish.

And finally - the New Year's poem (bass) :

Little Bush and the pancake good-good-good!
Bill and the pumpkin is a hood-hood-hood?
Baskin Robbins is a mood-mood-mood!
Potato is a food food food?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I hope that the store will open his doors.

Thank you for your attention!

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Few days ago i was in the zoo.There was bad air,because the zoo keepers have not cleaned up the elephant.I became scared and i decided that i need a toilet.I scared that someone could rob me in the toilet.I decided to wait.Suddenly i  saw the boy,who throws stones in a bear,which? was in a cage.I got mad,then i took a brick and have put him in the mouth of the bad boy.Had made a good act,i ran away.
Further i saw in a cage of  macaques.They have started to tease me.I become scared and ran away.While i was walking in a zoo i saw hippopotamus,who was screaming.Probably he was badly feed.The day was hot and i  decided to buy an ice cream.But suddenly i have lost my appetite.I saw a parrot,one of his leg was missing,which was selling an ice cream.Certainly it was the human, but he was like a parrot.He had only one tooth.He opened  the bottle of beer with it.My dream was to see a giraffe.I went to the place where they live.I saw the tablet -  ''giraffe is on holidays'' ho! I have become happy that i won't see him and went home,where potato always waits for me.

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Fairy Tale

Once the wolf  came to Bill Clinton,he has asked:
-Guess,what smell at the main office of the Microsoft?
-There smells as the original version of Windows XP : Clinton has answered
Unexpectedly the fox came into a room and has started to shout:
-Lie! There smells like the newest version of FireFox!!!
Suddenly the donkey came into a room and has started to shout:
-Close the mouth! The Internet Explorer will glory!
Suddenly the penguin came into a room and has started to shout :
-You are the greedy persons! You have got the closed code!
Unexpectedly bin Laden  came into a room and has started to shout :
-I know receptions in carat!
Unexpectedly furious Chak Norris has run into a room.He threw bin Laden in an oven,has closed her and has jumped out of a window.
Unexpectedly someone had knocked in an oven.It was Santa Klaus.
All have thought that he had brought the new version of Windows and have not opened to him a door of an oven.
Unexpectedly George Bush came into a room and has told - ''Buy some potatoes please!'' All were frightened and have jumped out in a window.
Remember! Only i have got the real potato! Please remember - it is not necessary to argue - let's love and be loved!

Thank you for attention! Follow up the news!

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